Umbrellas and stars

 Our caring side

 Viña Ruda presents the new vintage of Ruda Casual, the flower’s wine

 Ruda Infusión 2014 & Ruda Ensamblaje 2013 consolidates with 5 stars in the Penin Guide 2016

 The Black Pearl: Syrah

 The prestigious wine guide Gilbert & Gaillard awarded three medals to Vina Ruda

 Dying of love for the Tempranillo

 We are from La Mancha and we have the Airen grape in our DNA

 How much a wine?

 The origin of the vine and wine

 Wine Yeasts

 Wine and classification

 The history of our umbrella

 Grape Harvest

 The grapes ripening

 The Vines Life Circle

 New vintage for the first infusion wine of the world

 Types of Glasses

 Wine tasting

 What properties offers the grape skin?

 ¿Winetherapy or enotherapy?

 Does wine fattening?

 What are sulfites that are mentioned on the wine labels?

 Is it positive consume wine?

 What does it mean the wine cry?

 The dark side of the wine world

 How much can taste wines in a tasting to differentiate the flavors well?

 Why the wine smells?

 When to decant a wine?

 Is it necessary to oxygenate all wines?

 ¿Cap cork or plastic? What are the differences between them? Which is better?

 Is the best wine is the most expensive? What is the best wine at the best price?

 According to the barrels chosen, what aromas and flavors are transmitted to the wine?

 What does it mean "Wine of the Year"?

 Viña Ruda has presented their wines at Madrid

 At what temperature must serving the wine?

 Is it better the old wine?

 How many grapes needed to produce a bottle of wine?

 Basic Concepts for wine storage

 How long the wine gets bad?

 Things that should never be done with Wine

 Do not give you with cheese

 Horror! Friends coming for dinner !!!

 Viña Ruda more than a winery

 Ruda Ensamblaje 2012 likes to 1,000 people

 R2, the revolution of youth with personality

 Ruda Infusión, The intelligent Winemaking

 1000 no mistake: Ruda Ensamblaje a great success

 Creativity and Originality of Viña Ruda successful in the Berliner Wein Trophy

 Our Wines in

 Prowein ... Here we go!

 Ruda Casual, Wine of Flowers

 Ruda Infusión gold medal in Asia Wine Trophy

 Viña Ruda in DOrigen de la Mancha

 Ruda Cardinal, the new creation

 New vintage for Ruda Infusion

 New medals in BWT

 Viña Ruda get two medalls in “International Wine Guide 2014”

 Ruda Fermented in oak accesit in Airén by the world

 Viña Ruda Get Silver Medal in Cinve 2014 with Ruda Ensamblaje 2012

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