Viña Ruda has presented their wines at Madrid
The wine tasting, from Viña Ruda, wanted to show at the Casino Gran Vía the latest trends in oenology of the century.

Cutting-edge technology coupled to a foundation based on tradition and values ​​make the perfect wine Viña Ruda s space. XXI. 7000 m2 and 15 hectares of vineyards are the setting for a path winemaker in which highlight the varieties of tempranillo, syrah and Airen. This is a winery that focuses on wines that exude freedom, daring and quality in the heart of the capital.

Hand winemaker Juan Antonio Delgado and Casino Gran Vía, one of the most iconic buildings in the capital, Ruda Vine Winery, whose origins are in the town of Tomelloso, presented the best example of its wines, characterized by being at the forefront of winemaking. 7000 m2 and 15 hectares of vineyards make this wine the perfect marriage of traditional methods of production and winemaking of the century.

The presentation and tasting has had some of his best-known bottled products like white Casual Ruda, Ruda Barrel Fermented and R2 or Ruda red Cardinal. It is a large selection of wines where texture and taste are the dominant trend. Together with an important international projection is joined by a careful design, original and innovative.

Presentation in Madrid has served to reiterate, once again, the commitment made by this house for a fresh and daring project. In the words of Ramón González, Manager of Viña Ruda ". In our Bodega the future and the past merge to create an amazing present that, like our wines, grabs you forever"

The values ​​on which is founded Viña Ruda are a project gestated by a group of professionals who have expressed their own experiences with the world of wine where sensory experiences materialize a product loaded with sensory experiences. In its layout it has tried to maintain the maximum respect for the environment, both in the vineyard and in the winery. Most are planted with varieties of tempranillo, syrah and Airen getting a highly aromatic and delicate on the palate product.

It has been a meeting with the wine world in which white wines have contributed aromas that invite to dream of paradise and red added style, elegance and personality.
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