Viña Ruda in DOrigen de la Mancha
Specializing in agrifood products Castilla-La Mancha DOrigin La Mancha, located in the Paseo de la Rosa 44 of Toledo, shop host next December 11th at 20:00, a presentation Family Winery wines Viña Ruda, which recently has been increased by a Syrah 2012 and to date two white conformed -one of them airén fermented barricades, Tempranillo "infusion" and assembly of Tempranillo and Syrah.

With this activity, Viña Ruda wants to support the work of DOrigin La Mancha and leverage this platform, launched last May by the young entrepreneur Rubén Juárez and already has more than 40 clients in Hospitality, besides four other establishments "gourmet "and his own physical store, which is a sanctuary of La Mancha food products (wine, manchego cheese, extra virgin olive oil, saffron ...).

Bodegas Viña Ruda, located in the town of Ciudad Real Tomelloso, is a pioneer in the world when developing "wine brewing," a technique in which different Spanish universities have participated -Castilla-La Mancha, Navarra and Zaragoza and is to take greater advantage of the skins of the grapes, after placement in a watertight compartments before redistributed throughout the deposit.

As the new wine Family Vineyard Ruda, the Syrah 2012 is a very special wine of which have only made 9,000 bottles, since the total capacity of the winery, which was founded in 2006 and has 50 oak barrels (80% French and 20% American) is only 50,000 units of high quality, with its 15 hectares of vineyards.

As for his tasting notes, given presents an intense, deep cherry red color with purple trim and reflexes; while nose and roasted balsamic aging cycle are combined with interesting notes of red and black berries, especially blueberries aya black plums. The palate is silky and velvety and perfectly fruity notes of Syrah with notes of wood. Because of his long stay in casks, decanting or prior airy recommended for the wine to show its full potential or stored in an aseptic place, controlled and absence of light temperature to preserve all its organoleptic characteristics.

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