The history of our umbrella
During these years of activity of Vine Ruda, many have been those who have asked "Why do you use the umbrella as a symbol in your logo and labels?". The answer we gave was always the same: "we like, is a symbol of protection", but today ... We will tell the real reason.

When Ramon Gonzalez began to concoct Vineyard Ruda, always he understood the winery and its vineyards as a protectorate, a dream to be protected. But recently, at a meeting we said, "The mind is like an umbrella, only works if you open" (Albert Einstein). We left quite astonished not by the comment, but its meaning. In essence, thats Vineyard Ruda, an openness of mind to the world of wine, something else that we know can work and actually works. But he continued his argument:

"In the East, the umbrella, is associated with the sky and is emblem of royalty. Its domed refers to the idea of ​​sky dome perched on the head of the sovereign. At the end of the day, we rely heavily on Vine Ruda sun, if we have plenty of sunshine our grapes are better, but still we have to keep protecting them.

As umbrella (when tilted) gives an aura of dignity and authority, protected as a nimbus one who takes refuge in its shadow, highlighting what lies beneath (the person) rather than what is above (the sun).

In addition, the umbrella has always been a figure closely tied to the art world, not only in still lifes but as an element of beauty and feminine elegance. Albert Aublet, Eugène Boudin, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Claude Monet, Winslow Homer, Edouard Manet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir .... They have used it as an elegant feminine accessory.

In short, the umbrella reflects the essence of Viña Ruda: the protection and care we give our vineyards and wines, plus the ease and elegance that offers our customers. "

This thought was so interesting and inspiring today, a few days before the harvest, we want to share with you all.
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