Is the best wine is the most expensive? What is the best wine at the best price?
The best wine should not be the most expensive, but the one you like the person who is going to take. There are many studies showing that more than half of consumers do not know how to tell the difference between a wine of 35 euros and another 7 times cheaper.

On many occasions we hesitated at the time of purchase, between two wines whose only difference is the price. Well, in a study by the English psychologist Richard Wiseman, it has shown that half of consumers are not wine connoisseurs, they are not able to differentiate when it comes to taste them.

The study was based on a very simple experience: a group of consumers had to try two wines of the same variety, one of which - for example - cost 35 euros and the other only 5.

After tasting the wines, only 53% of people who participated in the study were able to differentiate the "expensive wine" "cheap wine" in the case of wines from white varieties. This figure dropped to 47% in the case of wines made from varieties inks. As we can see, these are not the data that could be expected given the price difference.

This study tells us that the best way to tell if a wine is good or not through your test, as we can find excellent wines at affordable prices.
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