How much a wine?
So unless you have news that put a bottle of wine can be worth from pennies to several thousand euros. This product, bottled wine, is one of the few and almost certainly the only food that moves in a horquilladle as wide prices.

There are many factors involved in the final price and most have little to do with the value / intrinsic cost of the product itself. However, I think it may be interesting for consumers to know the origin of the estimated examining the bottle straight or asking the sommelier at the restaurant cost fashion.

To illustrate this we considered the cost study done for our flagship Assembly Ruda 6 months in cask.

the grape:

A grape kg with 75% yield in juice gives for Justito 750mL bottle. 2012 was a year of record price and paid the selected tempranillo (paid us ourselves) to 60 cts. € / Kg. Even with this price, if we were to live grape yields that would not get a handle on June 30 and we are not so many mouths to feed.


35cts € / bottle including energy, personnel, oenological products and other inputs.


We propose French oak barrels of 225L with maximum 3 applications .. The cost of the barrel coopers quality without going and well negotiated € 922. If we divide between years and bottles about 1 € / bottle.

the dress:

The cost of packaging by elements 30 cts € bottle, natural cork 52cts € 1, € 5cts label, capsule 5cts €, box 11cts €. Total stylish but simple dress (nothing Dior) 1,03cts € ..


The commercial and promotional expenditure is one of the most variable costs (commercial work, attending trade fairs, various promotions, administrative costs ...). In came before us we have invested 63cts € / bottle.


Nationally 16cts / bottle for sale by pallets.

 As a summary to put on the shelf a bottle of our Assembly, a wine with numerous international awards, requires a cost of 3.77 € / bottle.

At this price we must add other less tangible items (depreciation, profit ..) that raise the final price to around the 4.5 € / bottle dealer cost.

After this mathematical-financial year we can draw several conclusions:

Do not trust a "parenting" with a price at the lower linear to 3.5 €. To buy wine from level 4, 5 € / bottle. If we pay more than 50 € for a "breeding" or we will not be paying for what goes inside and so is (represents) outside the bottle.

I hope I have helped.
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