Types of Glasses
The type of glass, the shape, size or comfort in handling the glass; Everything is designed to improve the perception of aromas, colors and nuances of flavor. To taste a wine must be put into operation five senses, but it is essential to have a good glass, whose shape will influence the flavor and enjoyment of the broth.

Essential characteristics:

  • The glass must be blown uncut, to be thin and transparent. And it allows you to appreciate the wines color, its brilliance and, in the case of sparkling bubbles.
  • The diameter of the mouth should be less than its widest part, to guide the aromas properly.
  • The size of the glass affects the aromas by their degree of aeration, diffusion or concentration, and the diameter and thickness of the border will be designed to specifically direct the liquid to the best of the palate and tongue area, depending on the type of wine .
  • The glass should be tall and thin, so you can easily attached and should always be caught by the thinnest part or the base to avoid contaminating the glass or increasing the temperature of the wine in contact with hands.
  • Its capacity must exceed 210 milliliters and at most should be filled between a quarter and a third of its capacity. Thus, we can observe smooth edging wine and stir it in the olfactory phase, without the risk of spillage.

Cups red wine

Although there are many varieties, the most used are the Burgundy and Bordeaux. In the Spanish case it is also well known Tempranillo.

  • Burgundy. It is a container of large volume and wide mouth, has the slightly flared top edge to enhance the flavors and direct the liquid to the tip of the tongue. Its shape balloon makes it ideal for wines that need a good oxygenation.
  • Bordeaux. With higher chalice, it is designed to highlight the unique characteristics of these French wines. Its width provides a complete development bouquet and shape allows the wine to highlight its sweetness and highlight its fruity aspects, subtracting force to the bitterness of the tannins.
  • Tempranillo. Quite remember the previous model, but is ideal for tasting such variety.

Cups white wine

The cup is usually smaller than red, primarily to serve smaller quantities and keep the contents hot as it should be cool.

  • For white wines: Perhaps the best known is the Chardonnay, the same name as the grape variety. It is an ideal place to taste white wines with good body upbringing and drink.
  • To sherry or generous: ideally Jerez, short and narrow catavinos. It is suitable for chamomile or fine, but does not allow all the aromatic intensity of wines they show some extent.
  • For sparkling: flute glass type is the most widely used because it allows observing the rapid rise of the bubbles.
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