At what temperature must serving the wine?
As the main guideline for any type of wine storage temperature is 2-3 degrees lower than consumption, because right out of the place of storage Wine this temperature to be served.

We serve as a general rule:

  • Youth and Cavas Whites: 57 degrees
  • White with aging: 9-11 degrees
  • Rosé: 7-9 degrees
  • Young Reds: 13-15 degrees
  • Reds Ageing: 15 to 17 degrees
  • p.x .: 12 to 15 degrees
  • Mistela: 5-7 degrees
This temperature can also vary depending on whether you want to hide any weakness likely to have the wine.

  • A higher temperature:
    • Mayor spirit or perception
    • Mayor sugar or perception
    • Increased acidity or perception
    • Increased intensity of aromas
    • Increasing carbon or intensity
  • A lower:
    • Increased awareness tannins
    • Mayor bitter perception
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