Do not give you with cheese
In Spain and more particularly in Castilla La-Mancha, the expression "do not give you with cheese" indicates a warning against possible cheating. What many may not know is that this expression is closely linked to wine.

This expression as used in these cases comes from when the ancient winemakers or bartenders, were visited by wine buyers Wholesalers (also called "runners) and offered them a wine, provided that probasen their wines before buying .

There was always some vintage of wine that came less good than others and, for the low quality and not noticing it was acquired, served accompanied by a serving of good cheese.

The taste and strong smell of cheese conceal the poor quality of wine, so that in many cases, the winemaker had just fooling buyers and they ended up buying this genre at the same price the highest quality.

And you do not want the den with cheese ... you can see some very basic recommendations of how to combine two dishes:

Galician soft cheeses: such as the Arzúa Tetilla and Ulloa. White, young, acids, and fresh wines such as our Ruda Casual.

Smoked cheeses: as San Simon, Idiazabal not cured. As our Ruda Barrel Fermented.

Tender cheeses pressed cheeses: Manchego and Castellanos and combines perfectly with our Ruda Infusion.

Cured cheeses pressed cheeses: such as the Manchego and Zamorano Leg mule, combined with our Ruda Assembly.

Sheep Cheese: Need a wine with good body and good tannins, as our Ruda Cardinal.Genéricos good body and good tannins.

Torta del Casar, cake Serena: With our R2 ... spectacular.

Enjoy them all!!
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