Basic Concepts for wine storage
The preservation of a Wine is critical for your enjoyment. The ideal is to have a specific wardrobe for this purpose, with graduation of temperature and humidity, but can be a bit expensive. In any case, they should be stable temperature conditions in darkness and noise. Should not move around without a reason and should be laid horizontally. If you have no ability to save many bottles, it is best to buy them successively so as not to spoil him.

The basics to keep the wines are:

  • We must place the bottles in the horizontal position so that the wine is always in contact with the cork, preventing it from drying and an exaggerated amount of oxygen to penetrate killing flavorings and oxidizing the wine.
  • We must be careful with sudden temperature changes that disturb the tranquility of the broth.
  • He has to choose a dark place with some degree of moisture and away from sources of odors. The worst place to store wine is probably the kitchen. Usually too hot for wine. And the fridge is not a good option: even at the lowest level, it is too cold to preserve wine.
  • In the case of white, pink and champagne it would be appropriate to keep them upright, in a place where fewer changes in temperature and odors have.
Poor maintenance or storage can cause various defects in the wine even to its total decline.

  • Excess heat: early ripening; Discoloration and cork
  • Excess cold: Deposits in the background
  • Lack of moisture: resection of cork
  • Excessive humidity: Appearance of fungi
  • Excess light: oxidized flavor (changing color and aroma)
  • Noise and vibrations: Fatigue wine (organoleptic changes)
  • Poor ventilation: unwanted odors
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