New medals in BWT
A jury of top international tasters, journalists and food writers awarded the silver medal and gold 2013 Tempranillo Ruda Ruda Assembly 2012 in the "Berliner Wein Trophy 2014" (July), one of the most important competitions in the world wine, established since 1994 and marks the latest trends and changes in the sector.

The Silver Medal awarded in this important event confirms the excellent quality of Ruda Tempranillo 2013, the first World Wine Infusion. This process of development has been the result of three years of intense research and applied to young red wines. An R + D + i collaboration with the University of Castilla - La Mancha, Navarra and LAAE University of Zaragoza.

Viña Ruda in a modern, special, creative cellar, without complexes, where original and close wines, designed for the tastes of young people are prepared. A project conceived by a group of professionals, in which they expressed their experiences with the world of wine, in an energetic atmosphere and which is embodied in wines full of sensory experiences.

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