Ruda Infusión gold medal in Asia Wine Trophy
Viña Ruda, young Wine Cellar Tomelloso, obtained excellent results in the most important Asian market competition.

Infusion Ruda, the first wine brewing world, won a gold medal in the Asia Wine Trophy competition. This important result, consolidates the winery as one of the exponents Castilian - La Mancha in quality and authenticity within the Asian market.

Under the patronage of the OIV and this year, for the first time, also under the auspices of the World Federation of Winemakers, Wine Trophy Asia becomes more strictly controlled in Asia award.

About 3,000 samples have been subjected to objective evaluations of judges to get one of the coveted medals. Among the jurors are the main importers of Asia and numerous experts and leaders of Asian opinion.

Infusion Ruda Tempranillo was drawn from the complex development process developed exclusively by the winery, after three years of research. The infusion method is a very effective extraction by passing the must-wine through a column where fresh skins are encapsulated (infusion process) and a subsequent fermentation of "distillate" low temperature.

This innovative development process has enjoyed the cooperation of the University of Castilla - La Mancha, Navarra and LAAE University of Zaragoza.

Infusion Ruda Tempranillo has already won numerous awards that attest to the excellent quality of the wine, such as: Silver Medal at the Berliner Wein Trophy 2014 (July); Silver Medal at International Wine Guide; and 15.5 points in the newspaper the World.

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