We are from La Mancha and we have the Airen grape in our DNA
Inside the popular songs, there is a Jota Manchego that says:

“A la Mancha manchega
que hay mucho vino
mucho pan, mucho aceite
mucho tocino.                 
Y si vas a la Mancha
no te alborotes
porque vas a la tierra
de Don Quijote.”

Yes, in La Mancha are much oil and bacon, and a lot of very good wine. Sure, when our ancestors sang this jota, they referred to wines made from Airen variety. A variety forgotten and reviled by many. But lets face it, we were the Mancha themselves who have made of this variety one of the most undervalued in our country.

We understand your look of surprise, but we must be aware of the importance of Airen in our wine culture. Currently Airen is the white grape variety that greater surface occupies in Spain, around a third of Spanish vineyards. Worldwide is the largest volume of varietal wine.

Airen was and is a very discredited variety in the past, and has traditionally been used for mixing and distillation. With such flattering record, when we begin to think of our wines in the first variety we think was in the Airen, to produce high quality wines. Vina Ruda we like to go upstream.

This variety is in the DNA of Vine Ruda, because when they bought the Hoya de la Ruda (farm that is situated our winery), more than 40 years ago, it was decided to plant a resistant grape to drought and diseases: Airen. It is true that we were surrounded by this variety, but decided to take care of special way.

Airen is a very productive and good adaptation to extremely dry and hot climates (such as manchego) variety; resistant to drought and disease. It requires short pruning and produces a large, loose and yellow cluster, whose grapes have medium thick skin, soft pulp and colorless juice.

Under these conditions, we decided to promote it to the fullest with green pruning fruit to be of excellent quality, without subjecting it to chemical treatments, ultimately letting the wisdom of nature make his work, as when the vintage we would do ours.

The result of the love we put in the care of the variety and its wines are called: Ruda Ruda Casual and Barrel Fermented.

Casual Ruda is an excellent young wine, made from 100% Airen variety. To get the essence of aromas and flavors, we use cold maceration. These aromas are preserved in an extreme fermentation to 11 ° C, and powered by an original yeast, we bring ourselves from France.

Casual our wine is pale, clean and bright yellow. The nose has a very elegant and intense aroma of white and tropical fruit. Fresh, silky and long on the palate.

Ruda Barrel Fermented, is slightly more special, because after determining the optimum time for harvesting, the grapes are de-stemmed and macerated with the skins, then extracting the juice that will be introduced in new French oak barrels where it will fermentation and then aged for 4 months in contact with its fine lees which are regularly removed to facilitate the oxygenation of wine "battonage". This extraordinary wine is bright pale yellow. On the nose, delicate roasted and spicy predominate, typical of the oak aromas.

High aromatic intensity, with presence of floral notes and white fruit. The palate is warm and structured, with an elegant, lingering finish.

But everything we say is some of our wines, so we invite you to the probéis and be led by their interesting aromas and flavors.

So when you hear of La Mancha and Wines think of the Airen, because we make every day of the year.
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