¿Winetherapy or enotherapy?
Is winetherapy, because enotherapy does not exist in the dictionary. Wine therapy is to use wine along with other products of grapes, for different cosmetic treatments.

It has many benefits, thanks to the natural antioxidant effect has grapes. Include:

  • It is rich in polyphenols and anthocyanins procyanidols. It has antioxidant properties that help cells to regenerate, release the skin from dead cells, detoxify the skin and help to protect the circulatory system circulation and strengthen capillary walls of veins and arteries, favoring microcirculation and cardiovascular system.
  • Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that are responsible for the oxidation of cells, preventing skin aging (keeps the skin young and even softens existing wrinkles) and protecting the skin from environmental assaults.
  • Polyphenols prevent breakage of elastin and collagen fibers keeping the skin elastic and protecting against free radicals. Tone muscles, breasts, buttocks say, reduce abdomen and rejuvenate muscles and skin. Has vitamins B1, B2 contributing to the nutrition of the skin and provide elasticity and firmness.
  • The wine therapy has experienced an amazing growth in recent years, due no doubt to the many benefits they bring grapes and its derivatives to our skin and body.

We obtain a healthy, renewed, fresh and more light appearance. They help the overall functioning of the body providing welfare and relaxation.
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