New vintage for the first infusion wine of the world
"Viña Ruda" younger Winery presents the new vintage of the first and only world infusion wine: Ruda Infusion2014.

The new vintage is produced from the complex manufacturing process developed exclusively by the winery, after three years of research. Night after vintage, the grapes are de-stemmed and pneumatic press passes. The resulting wort, free of solid parts, and scarcely colored passes fermentation in a stainless steel tank with temperature controlled at 15 ° C. Meanwhile, the skins are stored in airtight pallots and are treated with pectolytic enzyme by tiers (layers), preserved in our cameras at 8 ° C. When the must-wine reaches 5% alcohol V / V is passed by steel columns 6mx4 ", where the walls are packaged refrigerated skins. When the wine is impregnated mosto- of all flavors and color from the skins, carefully transferred to a thermostatic tank at a temperature 15 ° C to finish fermentation.

This innovative development process has enjoyed the cooperation of the University of Castilla - La Mancha, Navarra and LAAE University of Zaragoza.

Ruda Infusion has already won numerous awards that attest to the excellent quality of the wine, such as: Silver Medal at the Berliner Wine Trophy; Silver Medal at International Wine Guide; Gold Medal Wine Trophy in Asia and 15.5 points in the newspaper El Mundo.
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