Things that should never be done with Wine
Within our didactic function, today we are teachers, we want to offer some basic recommendations of what should never be done in the service of wine:
  • Drinking wine in plastic: You must use a clear glass cup as it is the "container that best guarantees to appreciate the color, aroma and tear. As for the form, the most suitable are the glasses ball or poppet type. However, the shape of the glass depends on the type of wine, even the variety. Later we give specific advice for each wine.
  • Improper use glasses: No should be used very small, very thick, colored or carved glasses too. With a broad crown, yes, bigger for reds than for whites, and greater as the wines are more important, you get the wine open quickly.
  • Fill the glass much: In a glass pour is because only a small amount about 1/3 of its volume (depending on the size of the cup), thereby it is achieved that the wine is not heated in the glass vain and that the taster You can print a gentle twisting motion to appreciate the aroma and bouquet that gives off the wine.
  • Chill in the freezer: No wine resists a sudden change of temperature without suffering consequences. If you need to lower the temperature using a bucket of ice and water.
  • Serve different wines in the same cup: Each wine has its peculiarities and aromas, which are kept in the cup, although it has been rushed to the last sip. Therefore if you use the same glass for a second wine invariably change their characteristics.
  • Cutting the capsule above the neck: The capsule must be cut below the neck, to prevent the wine drag small tin or lead particles and causes an unpleasant taste.
  • Drill cork When cork is drilling a cork sawdust is created with a high probability of mixing with and spoil the wine tasting.
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