The Black Pearl: Syrah
From the Rhone Valley to the world, to Australia, the grape "Syrah" is the third red variety that makes up the triangle on the reputation it shares with cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir. Its origin is uncertain, though many experts agree that arose in Persia. However, it is in the Rhone Valley, where it settles definitively creating great wines for centuries. Today the Hermitage la Chapelle de Paul Jaboulet is one of their mythical wines.

After France, Australia is probably the country that has given fame to this grape that supports two spellings, ie right-so as shiraz- syrah with great wines such as Penfolds Grange Hermitage and Henschke Hill of Grace.

Today is one of the most fashionable varieties in the wine world, with very good adaptation to Mediterranean climates.
In Australia, it is mainly grown in the Barossa Valley and from there jumped to other areas like California, Chile, South Africa, Argentina, Italy, Greece and, of course, Spain.

Its introduction in Spain

It is the Village Olive through Emile Peynaud winemaker who introduced in 1982 in what is now currently the Domain Name Payment Valdepusa located in Toledo (La Mancha). Your wine, Syrah Valdepusa Domain remains year after year, one of the best exponents of this variety.
From then until now, it has been extended gradually. The first varietal Syrah came from Jumilla, Alicante and left the cellars Agapito Rico and Enrique Mendoza. Years later, also they followed in Jumilla wineries Casa de la Ermita and Julia Roch.

This grape has acclimatized to perfection in all Appellations of Origin of Valencia and Murcia, to complement well with the Monastrell variety that is characteristic of this area of ​​Levante.

It also combines with the grenache and carignan, providing longevity and freshness. Grenache and carignan grapes are native Aragon (Cariñena, Calatayud, Campo de Borja) and Catalonia (Priorat Montsant, Terra Alta, Tarragona), so many of these wines usually carry some syrah.

La Mancha and Valdepeñas are other places of settlement of this grape. He is currently licensed in many Appellations of Origin (DOS), but it is mostly in areas exposed more directly to the Mediterranean climate and Mediterranean-Continental where he has found his place: Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, Aragon, even in the Aragonese Pre-Pyrenees.

Climate, soil and crop

The characteristics of the syrah characteristics enhance their chances when grown in heavy soil, loam or clay loam and warm, sunny climates. In its growth phase it requires having a balanced amount of water, ie not suffer water shortage in the irrigation water but not excessive so good aeration of the roots are allowed.

Its characteristics make it an ideal grape for wine growers. As Jancis Robinson says "is the winemaker cabernet, syrah what the grower" because the latter is easy to cultivate and little vulnerable to disease.

In cultivation, it is very important to take care tasks leafless and cluster thinning because the syrah is sensitive to botrytis. The recommended maximum yields are 7,000 kilos per hectare and also pay special attention to truancy.
As a vigorous variety, with wood, the branches lie down so the subject should be two levels of double trellis wire and high.

The syrah varietal wine: its aromas

Grape "Syrah" results in high quality wines as long as yields are adequately controlled, the concentration of aromas in the wine is preserved, a long fermentation takes place, sanitary conditions and temperature are monitored and ideally sit in oak barrels. If controls are performed continuously, get their best wines are placed at the same height as the great Burgundies and Bordeaux.

The wines of this variety are sumptuous, vigorous, powerful, full bodied, silky texture, with lots of tannins and coloring matter.

In his tasting young wines, such as technical and sommelier said Jose Sanchez, have very pleasant aromas of violets, cassis and black fruit (plum jam, black currant, blackberry ..), while the wines are subjected to aging in oak develop other aromas such as light smoky hints, coconut, black olives, truffles, tar, spices and flavors .. open a range of possibilities among black currant, cassis, plum jam, blackberries and spicy flavors leaving extended memory in your mouth.

Its natural character is solid and therefore acquire more character as they get older but there are also very light and fresh wines that open unexpected horizons. These have a very intense color red currant or raspberry style or deep violet.
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