Horror! Friends coming for dinner !!!
Sometimes all we enter a real stage fright when friends come over for dinner. As good hosts, we like to entertain with our best recipes, but ... and what we put into every meal wine ?.

The term "technical" that defines the conjunction between Pairing food and wine. After the pairing is nothing but metaphorically married to a food wine, with the intention to enhance the pleasure of eating.

To help on how to successfully unite both, we are going to leave some surefire tips that will become the perfect host

Is there a wine for every meal?

It is necessary to note that in this respect there is no strict rules, but must be coupled choosing your personal taste or that of your guests, always ignoring common sense. It seems logical to start with a white wine for lighter dishes and continue with one red for the most elaborate meat or fish. Food and drink should complement, never annulled each other.

What wine it would be ideal for the starters and the main course?

Because everything depends on what you are going to serve. For example for soups and stocks usually served a light and fresh red and with a red wine soups stronger with more body and 16ºC. (It should be considered aromatice soup ingredient. If soup or broth contains a wine is recommended to accompany this). Our recommendation, our Ruda Infusion is more than ideal.

For vegetables, seafood or fish What will you best is a white, dry and light, which has cooled slowly in the refrigerator. Casual our Ruda would be the best option.

What is normal red wine or white wine form meat and fish?.

This rule is essential and that is usually right, but depends on the fish and meat. Not the same a fatty fish (blue) white. Similarly, it is not the same one that poultry meat or game. For poultry, a good option is to take a young red. A good example would be our R2, which is more than perfect for this kind of dishes.

Some meats, such as duck with white body supports or have fermented or spent some time in barrel. Our Ruda Barrel Fermented would be the best choice for these dishes.

Is it impolite to drink red with fish?

At all. Today is usually eaten much lighter than before and it does not preclude do with red wines. The marriage of food and wine makes up a wide range of possibilities, which lets you take red wine with a dish made with seafood and even chocolate, as there are greedy red, with aromas of licorice, for example, to enhance the flavor of this product. ... Our Rue Cardinal than ideal.

And for dessert ... Chocolate!

Chocolate is probably the most extraordinary product of pastry. Has such a strong personality than any dessert that has chocolate, the other components gravitate around and there is hardly anyone who can dispute the role. However much it may surprise you, wine and chocolate are natural partners and form important part in the world of gastronomy.

Chocolate has very complex flavors but also has simple, common or similar shades, so their marriage should follow the same guidelines that we must consider the pairing of wine with other foods.

We anticipate that the task is neither clear nor simple, much depends on the taste of each person, but the marriage can be achieved if we follow a few simple rules that lead to the results we are looking for; which it is that of pairing chocolate with a good wine.

The first step is to understand the relationship between the two products:

  • Red wines will bring the flavors of red fruits and spices.
  • White wines accompany with white chocolate and citrus fruits.
  • Wines aged give a special touch of wood, vanilla, coffee, snuff, etc.

One option is to test milk chocolate and Ruda Assembly. The acidity of our Assembly makes harmonize especially with small ounces of milk chocolate, because the contrast is much greater than if maridamos with a pure chocolate, we can be more tasteless. This is a very attractive combination, where we establish a very suggestive combination of a certain weight in wine woody notes, which are enhanced in an explosion in the mouth, without letting either completely product expires.
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