Ruda Ensamblaje 2012 likes to 1,000 people

Our Ruda Ensamblaje 2012 received a new recognition these days in the competition "Wines from the land of Don Quixote": the silver medal in the most competitive category of "Crianza" (read red wine with oak aging and age less than 4 years ).

Without being this the greatest impact award granted to this wine (gold has a Berliner) it is very special because if I removed two dollars off.

The first is that we believed, as has happened with other companies in the group, our winery and our wines thus never would prophets in the land.

To think that in this competition, similar to the "Champion Leage" development, our wine was going round in blind tastings to reach the final at the same time gives me joy and emotion very close to the best family moments feelings. In our companies produce innovative, high value scientific and technical products but wine is another thing.

The second shock is that we were convinced that our design of wine, and the Assembly takes a good design load (Stylish wines), was understood / accepted by the consumer. That a thousand people, experts and laymen, let us have enjoyed calmer.

Finally thank the award to all workers of Viña Ruda and especially my father when For over thirty years he planted the family vineyard, hoped that their wines had better order the salad dressing or finish as a disinfectant in a medicine cabinet.
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