R2, the revolution of youth with personality

Vina Ruda see wine as something more than a red, silky and shiny liquid that springs once a year of a bunch of grapes from our farm.

Vina Ruda understand wine as a miracle, as a part of our culture. Each of our bottles contains a story, the mystery of a land and unique grapes.

The launch of Viña Ruda has brought a revolution in the sector, we are a fresh and daring project that challenges the status quo.

In our desire to create different wines born R2, the evolution of the first wine brewing world.

Vina Ruda highlight not only by technology, but by thinking. Since Infusion Ruda was actually started "plotting" what if that full of flavors and aromas wine rested for a few months in the barrel.

R2 is the result of this wonderful combination. A stylish and character wine, with a young and daring personality.

R2 is a red wine with an intense cherry red, topped by a intense hues that show youth and liveliness.

Its scent full of freshness with hints of vanilla is amazing. That power co aromatic intensity combining red fruits. In the mouth, it can only be defined as soft and silky.

But this wine is not only wine, is a presence, a picture. R2 bottles in a message is transmitted: this is a cannon !. A different and elegant look, a locomotive showing all the potential we have in Vina Ruda.

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