Ruda Infusión 2014 & Ruda Ensamblaje 2013 consolidates with 5 stars in the Penin Guide 2016

"Viña Ruda" reaffirms its presence with scores above 85 points 25th anniversary of the Penin Guide.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Penin Guide, Vina Ruda highlights its presence with 86 points received for his "Ruda Assembly 2013" 85 points "Ruda Infusion", the first wine brewing world.

"Ruda Assembly 2013" is a painstaking exercise of "blend" of Tempranillo and Syrah from vineyards of the winery. It is made from a controlled fermentation followed by aging for 10 months in new French and American oak. The result is a wine that presents an elegant sight very much alive and well covered red. The nose has a rich aromatic expression in nuances, combining the flavors of a good aging in new oak with own fruit variety. In mouth, good entry, well structured, tasty and nerve ending in an elegant and intense aftertaste.

Ruda Infusion 2014 is made from a system developed by wine Viña Ruda, after three years of research. Night after vintage, the grapes are de-stemmed and pneumatic press passes. The resulting wort, free of solid parts, and scarcely colored passes fermentation in a stainless steel tank with temperature controlled at 15 ° C. Meanwhile, the skins are stored in airtight pallots and are treated with pectolytic enzyme by tiers (layers), preserved in our frigorí¬cas cameras at 8 ° C. When the must-wine spirit reaches 5% V / V is passed by steel columns 6mx4 ", where the walls are packaged refrigerated skins. When the wine - wine is imbued with all the aromas and color of the skins, carefully transferred to a thermostatic tank at a temperature 15 ° C to finish fermentation.

Ruda Infusion 2014 is a wine cherry and garnet known for its high intensity brilliance and luminosity. Very aromatic, where the primary aromas reminiscent of berries (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry) and licorice on a floral background. The palate is fresh, full of balance and meaty.

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